One address, one passion: Rue Saint-Léon

My name is Isabelle, and my vocation as an interior designer is only part of who I am. At the heart of my life there is a passion for beauty, for objects that are handmade, locally made and designed with great attention to detail.

My interior design projects brought me into constant contact with decorative and utilitarian objects for the home. This experience allowed me to develop a critical eye on manufacturing methods and eco-responsibility, nourishing at the same time a deep love for buying local. I therefore naturally managed to offer you carefully chosen objects, made by local craftsmen and often according to ancestral methods. Each of the craftsmen with whom I collaborate moved me, just like their exclusive products that I offer you here on Rue Saint-Léon.


A tribute to craftsmanship and a return to basics

Rue Saint-Léon is more than a shop; it is the praise of beauty and contemplation. Taking the time to admire your living space and appreciate its value is to recognize the craftsmanship behind each unique piece. With Rue Saint-Léon, I wanted to go back to basics, by offering you products made by hand by local artisans.

This place is also a tribute to our ancestors and to my maternal grandmother, born in the village of Saint-Léon, who transmitted to me the ancestral knowledge of weaving. The name of my shop even finds a family echo in rue Saint-Léon de Jonquière, where my paternal grandfather lived, a man with a very developed sense of community.


Commitment to authenticity and local

As the seasons go by, I am delighted to introduce new exclusive products that have captured my heart. These discoveries and collaborations will always be guided by my core values ​​of authenticity, beauty, and commitment to buying local.

Rue Saint-Léon is your invitation to explore a world where each object tells a story, an experience, a tradition. Join me in this unique journey towards art, culture and beauty.